Landmines are destroying lives

An estimated $340 million worth of landmines were planted in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region and the Armenian government refuses to provide the available landmine maps, despite international calls for their release.

Civilians Killed And Injured In The Past Two Years

Help Stop These Numbers From Growing

3 Journalists Killed

Journalists Siraj Abishov, Maharram Ibrahimov, and Zibeyda Alizadeh blew up on an anti-tank landmine while on the job. JWB immediately urged the Armenian government to hand over the landmine maps.

35 Civilians Killed

Since November 2020, 30 Azerbaijani civilians were killed by landmines. They were on their way to return to former homes they, and their families were ethnically cleansed from three decades ago.

157 Civilians Injured

The number of severely injured local residents continues to climb. Those landmines that the Armenian forces planted in the 1990s have sunk into the earth and are very difficult to detect by mine clearers.

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take action now

  • Send a pre-written letter to your local MP/Representative and media corporation
  • Attend a protest near you
  • Raise awareness on social media using hashtag #FreeUsFromLandmines 

what is happening in azerbaijan

Unlawful Occupation

For over 30 years Armenian forces held Azerbaijan's Karabakh region under a UN-condemned illegal military occupation.

A staggering number

700,000 Azerbaijanis were ethnically cleansed from Karabakh by the Armenian forces in the early 1990s. They still cannot return home due to landmines deeming the region unlivable.

No Way Back Home

Today, the recently liberated Karabakh is a picturesque region amidst the beautiful Caucasus mountains, and it is infested with landmines, leaving those who have been waiting to go home for 30 years with little hope once again.


Armenian forces planted an estimated $340 million worth of landmines across the region. 97000 mines were planted in Aghdam district alone - an estimated $25 million worth. The few maps that Armenia did release as a result of earlier US-facilitated negotiations turned out to be 75% invalid.

a Warzone with no war

The war is over, yet innocent civilians continue to die from landmines today. We must take action globally to pressure Armenia to end its policy of targeting Azerbaijani civilians and release the landmine maps.

civilian deaths: world media coverage

Source: Aljazeera

Azerbaijani journalists, official killed in landmine explosion

Source: European Journalists

Two Azerbaijani journalists killed in landmine explosion


Mines, Karabakh, and Armenia’s crisis

Source: Reporters Without Borders

RSF calls for a fully transparent investigation after mine kills two journalists in Azerbaijan

Source: Reuters

Two Azeri journalists and an official killed in landmine blast near Karabakh

Source: Daily Sabah

Armenia’s bitter harvest in Karabakh: Threat of mines

It is imperative that we approach this as a humanitarian, not a political issue – the lives of innocent civilians are at stake, and the Armenian government’s refusal to provide these crucial maps are not only crippling the peace-building process between the two countries but are senselessly and maliciously endangering the lives of local civilians. 

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