This information platform was created by Azerbaijani diaspora volunteers from Canada and the US,  together with the Network of Azerbaijani Canadians (NAC) – a grassroots Azerbaijani Canadian advocacy organization – with the aim of raising awareness about the fatal problem of landmines planted across Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region. A special thank you to diaspora volunteer and NAC member, Zeynal Ismayilov, for putting together this platform.
Through the 30 years of Karabakh’s occupation by Armenia, an estimated $340 million worth of landmines were planted across the region. They continue to kill ordinary civilians today, while Armenia refuses to hand over the available landmine maps. 
We have come together to urge international organizations and governments to facilitate the de-mining process in the region, to prevent any more civilian casualties, and to give a chance to the 700,000 Azerbaijani IDPs who were ethnically cleansed from Karabakh in the early 90s, to return home. 
If you would like to join us in raising awareness about landmines in Karabakh, host or join a protest near you, please get in touch below.
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